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The Alexandria Kennel Club, using some of the proceeds from our annual show held in Alexandria in January, 2017, decided to give back to our community. We decided to purchase Pet Oxygen Mask to donate to some of the fire stations in our area. We purchased 12 in 2017, and decided to start giving them out to select fire stations. Julie Taylor and Chiara Crawford, two of club members, are leading the effort to distribute these locally. Each year after our show, we will determine if we made a profit, and decide if, and how many Pet Oxygen Mask we can afford to donate. Our goal is to have each fire station in the surrounding area with at least one Pet Oxygen Mask.

The Pet Oxygen Mask kit each has 3 masks, one for a large dog, one for a medium sized dog, and one for a small dog or cat. These can be attached to an oxygen tank that is current used to resuscitate humans, therefore supplying oxygen to pets who are in need. The fire stations who have received them so far are excited about receiving them. Below are some of the firemen/stations that have received them. 


Chiara Crawford and Julie Taylor (with their kids). 

Glenmore Fire Department


Oakdale Fire Department


On KALB Morning Show


Front Page of TownTalk


Page 1 of TownTalk Article


Page 2 of TownTalk Article


Presentation to EMS Director